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Welcome to BHMS - Reach for the Heights

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Welcome to BHMS - Reach for the Heights

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We work throughout the school year to ensure that students have nutritious and tasty meals. It’s important to keep this going over the summer to give students the best chance to feel healthy, both physically and mentally. The School Food project covers the connection between mental health and nutrition, and shares community food resources. 

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Since voters generously approved the ballot measure last November, BVSD has been working to put pieces in place to get school renovation projects underway. Students and staff will start enjoying improvements provided by the Building for Student Success program as soon as August of this year with construction projects at seven schools. This month, design is starting for Phase 1 projects and will continue through the summer. Most of these projects will begin construction next spring/summer. An ongoing collaborative conversation is creating a new vision for career and technical education in BVSD. 

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Thanks to Colorado voters, school meals will be free for all BVSD students beginning in the 2023-24 school year. The passage of Proposition FF this past November, will provide free school meals through the Healthy School Meals for All Program. The BVSD School Food Project will continue to provide breakfast and lunch, complete with unlimited salad bar, every day at schools across the district.

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For a little over two years, a unique half-day program has filled a previously unmet need in the Boulder Valley School District. Advanced Alternative Learning Program for Students, known as AALPS, has helped students who are experiencing a rough patch in high school earn and/or retrieve academic credit, while building and strengthening social, emotional, and life skills.

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