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Welcome to BHMS - Reach for the Heights

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Aligning with a trend for school districts across the nation, the Boulder Valley School District has been in declining enrollment since 2018 and anticipates a gradual decline in enrollment in future years. This drop follows a declining overall birth rate and a growing tendency for families to delay having children. In BVSD, the high cost of housing coupled with limited housing stock inhibits the ability of families with young children to live in our district. COVID-related enrollment loss accelerated the anticipated decline dramatically. 

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BHS lanyards

While, Boulder Valley School District Policy KI-R - Visitor Management Procedures requires all employees to wear their IDs at all times and for visitors to be clearly identified, students have traditionally been encouraged, but not required, to visibly wear their ID badges. This year, Boulder High School decided to go a step further.

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Bus Training

The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) was recently awarded $832,150 from the Colorado 2023 School Access for Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Program. The grant amount will fund the installation of technology  to boost signals for two-way radio communications as well as the purchase of two-way radios for members of the Safety, Security and Emergency Services team.

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SRP Buttons

New Lockdown and Secure activation buttons installed in schools this summer, are designed to be easier for staff  to see and activate when needed and reduce accidental triggers. Together with the buttons, new pre-recorded audio plays during the event and provides clear instructions on necessary actions.

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“BVSD’s 11 school safety advocates are extensively trained to handle acute incidences in our schools such as threats of violence, sexual assault, bullying, student misconduct, and more, but they also invested in students’ well-being and advocate for their success personally and academically,” BVSD’s Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Manager Carissa Jaquish explained in a recent update to the Board of Education. 

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