BHMS Open Enrollment Presentation 2024

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Can I submit the application before November 1st?

No.  The online open enrollment application will not be available before November 1st at 8:00am.

Does it matter when I submit my application?

The on time Open Enrollment application window is from November 1st (8:00a.m. MST) through January 4th (4:00p.m. MST).  Open Enrollment applications submitted on time before the deadline are processed through a lottery, not "first come, first served."  Any application submitted during this time will be entered into the lottery; special preference is not given to those that apply on the first day.

Any applications submitted after the on-time deadline (beginning on January 5th at 4:01p.m. MST) through August 31st (4:00p.m. MST) are considered late applications where no preferences are applied (such as previously attended a school, sibling attends or child of a BVSD employee) and applicants are added to any existing wait list(s) at the selected school(s)/grade based on the date/time submitted.

When and where can I submit an Open Enrollment application?

The on-time Open Enrollment application window is from November 1st (8:00a.m. MST) through January 4th (4:00p.m. MST).  The online application for families with students currently enrolled in BVSD is found in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  After logging in to the Portal, the application can be found by selecting "More" then "Open Enrollment Application".  Applicants who do not currently attend BVSD schools can apply by clicking on the red buttons above on this website.

**NOTE: An application is not complete until a big red "SUBMIT" button is clicked at the very end of the application.  A confirmation email is automatically emailed to the email address entered on the application.**

I missed the January 4th 4:00p.m. deadline.  Am I still able to apply for Open Enrollment?

Yes.  If the January 4th 4:00p.m. MST on-time application deadline was missed, a family may submit a late Open Enrollment application and be added to the bottom of any existing wait list(s) for the school(s)/grade requested.

How can I apply if I do not have online access?

Families with limited or no online access are encouraged to use computers available for this purpose at their closest BVSD school or the Open Enrollment Office between November 1st - August 31st.  The Open Enrollment application can also be accessed by many mobile telephones. 

When will I be notified of an acceptance?

Notifications of Acceptance and/or Wait list Position(s) (from the original pool of on-time applicants) will be sent on or about the end of January via email to the email address originally entered at the beginning of the online application.

If your application is submitted after the on-time application window, see the Open Enrollment  Waitlist Information Page to see when you will be notified of an acceptance.

What if my student is placed on a wait list?

Information regarding how an offer is made from a wait list can be found on the Open Enrollment  Wait list Information Page.

What should I do if I do not receive a notification about Open Enrollment?

Parents/guardians that have not received an email regarding acceptance/wait list positions (from the original pool of on-time applicants) to the email address submitted on the application by February 7th are responsible for contacting the Open Enrollment Office for an update.  Please check your email's SPAM/junk folder before contacting our office.

*Note:  Late applicants will not automatically receive an email listing their wait list positions.  It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to contact our department at least 3 business days after submitting the application to receive the applicant's wait list position(s) at their selected school(s)/grade.