1:Web Chromebooks

Troubleshooting Tips for a Stubborn Chromebook:

1. Make sure the Chromebook is plugged into a known good power supply and different power supply and power cords have all been tested. Remember to attempt to charge for 30 minutes to confirm the issue.

2. Check for updates (instructions here).

3. Hard Reboot - this step will generally fix wireless and performance issues.

  • Turn off your Chromebook
  • Press and hold Refresh Refresh keyboard icon + tap Power Shut down

BHMS 1:Web Expectations

1. Be kind to your device.
2. Please come to school with your device fully charged.
3. Bring your charger with you just in case it is needed.
4. If you have having issues with your device, see Ms. Schroeder in the Library.
5. If we need to send your device in to IT for repairs, we will do our best to provide you a loaner device. 
6. If you forget your device or need a charger, there is a loaner device and a charger in each classroom you may borrow for the period.
7. You may be charged for your repair - depending on if it is under warranty or not. Ex. Screen repairs typically cost $45 and the fee will need to be paid in IC.